12 Ways the Best Real Estate Agents Wow Their Clients

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It is undeniable that the world of real estate is a competitive arena. There is a great number of realtors around that use different strategies, processes, and services to get ahead of the game. Impressing your clients may be a top priority for most, but making sure that every aspect of the deal is met with flying colors should be your primary goal. That does not only include the selling and buying of their dream homes, but it is also about how they will feel at the beginning, during, and after the completion of your service to them.

The competition is tough yet there are ways to take it up a notch and make your clients go ‘wow’. 

Here are some expert tips on how to impress your customers and ensure a sale that is a win-win for everybody.

  • Friendly tone

  • When your clients first meet you, it is the best chance to make a good impression. Look them in the eye and be very friendly. Make them feel comfortable while you are speaking to them. 

    You can be both professional and friendly in any business transaction. If one aspect is missing, it can be a turnoff. Being too professional may make your clients feel a little tight which can lead to them being more reserved. 

    The best real estate agents display both of them. 

  • Engaging Personality

  • Many buyers claim that they’d rather make a deal or purchase from a realtor that sounds more human and connects to them on a deeper level. A great real estate agent does not only sell properties but sells himself or herself as well. 

    Many clients prefer personable service providers. Your charm and engaging personality will catapult you to more sales. People have confidence in people who show interest in their needs and their life in general. 

  • Provide Materials

  • Many homeowners and buyers do not know the process that’s why they called for your service in the first place. Make sure to provide them with the nitty-gritty details of the process. 

    The best estate agents provide their clients with a Real Estate Home Buyer Workbook to make their lives easier. Do this and they will surely appreciate it and trust you even more.

  • Stay Organized

  • When the customers see how disorganized you are, they will back down with a snap of a finger. Stay on top of your obligations with this Ultimate Real Estate Bundle. These templates can help you organize everything and is a great investment for your schedules, presentations, and proposals. 

  • Get to Know Them Personally

  • It is crucial that you also take time to get acquainted with them. Treat them like an old friend you’ve known for years or a family member that you care about. When you know them personally, it is easier to know what their needs are.

    Build a relationship with them to build their confidence and trust in you.

  • Take Notes

  • While listening is an important skill as a realtor, you should also take down notes. Sometimes, when we are too focused on listening, we often forget the specific details when we get back home. Plus, if your clients see you taking down notes, it only means one thing for them - you sincerely put into consideration all their needs. 

  • Send Them a Comprehensive List

  • With this Bundle Flyer Pack, you get to impress your clients with your presentation. It includes a template for open house listing and just-listed houses. Your customers will be in awe of how detailed you are with your listing.

  • Send Them a Questionnaire

  • A questionnaire is a must-have for home sellers. Make sure you lend them this simple yet concise Home Seller Questionnaire Template. It can be downloaded as a PDF or PNG view on any device.

  • Give them Gifts

  • Whether it is during or after the deal, giving them a souvenir or a token can greatly impress your clients. It can be a delicious meal delivered to their home or something they can use for their new home. This kind of service leads to customer referrals.

  • Offer After Service Care

  • Even after the deal, you can still check on them and provide them with a list of local shops, emergency contacts, museums, zoos, schools, salons, and other locations in the community.

  • Hire a Moving Crew

  • Taking off another load on your client’s shoulders is truly an impressive way to make them go wow. Send somebody to clean or move their items from point A to point B. This can be a lovely gift too!

  • Make Sure to Have Fun

  • It is easier to impress your clients without much effort if they see that you are passionate, having fun, and really into what you are doing. The best real estate agents know how to enjoy every bit of every deal. 


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