15 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas in 2022

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Are you looking to get more leads this 2022? If you are a new realtor, finding leads can be difficult, mainly because you are just starting to establish yourself and your business in a market or community.

Lead generation strategies can greatly help new realtors to level the playing field and get clients. It involved building awareness of your business among potential customers. It will then drive those clients to engage directly with you for your service.

Thanks to the ever-growing technology as well. The digital era has transformed the way businesses conduct their marketing efforts and strategies. The Internet has come a long way since it was first introduced and now, we can use its power in our everyday lives and even for our businesses.

It is no surprise that many agents are overwhelmed by the rich and versatile marketing nature of real estate today.

Here are 15 lead generation ideas you can apply to your service to get more clients this 2022.

  • Look for the hidden listing inventory.

  • Imagine discovering a pool of future homes for sale that nobody knows about. These hidden listings are a great opportunity especially for newbies to sway from the popular estate listings that everybody talks about. You may do this by searching for abandoned properties, looking up property county records, or learning when and where developments are built.

  • Prospect via LinkedIn

  • Many realtors tap into the power of social media to get leads, but they barely use the LinkedIn platform. This platform puts you in front of professionals and you can talk directly about business there.

  • Landing Page

  • This year, one of the best ways to generate leads is to drive traffic to your website’s landing page. Make a strong headline, a crystal-clear FAQ, and a mobile-friendly experience.

  • Building a Brand

  • By building a memorable, unforgettable, and compelling brand, you can easily attract prospective homebuyers and sellers. It must be authentic and relevant.

  • Email Signature

  • Having your email signature can also help with lead generation. Add this gorgeous, eye-catching email signature to all your emails for the finishing touch. It can be resized according to your preference. This template is professional and truly noticeable.

  • Introduction Flyer

  • Send out as many introduction flyers as you can. This Real Estate New Agent Introduction Letter Flyer Template is one of the best ways to market yourself. You will surely generate more leads with this highly effective template.

  • Make Personal Connections

  • Lead generation is not just about getting names and phone numbers. It is about making a personal connection with the people in your network. Meet them face-to-face and build a relationship from there.

  • Local Networking

  • Get involved in the local community. By talking and meeting with local business owners, contractors, and even repairers in the area, you can get more leads. This is also great leverage for you as a service provider.

  • Business Cards

  • With the rise of the digital era, business cards are still highly relevant. It does provide not only your name, contact number, and your service, but also your brand as a whole. Bring several business cards with you wherever you go if you are interested in growing your network. 

  • Paid Advertising on Google

  • Many home buyers and sellers start their journey with a search on Google. Make your business visible to potential clients through pay-per-click advertising. This can be a great catapult for you as a realtor.

  • Host An Event

  • You may do this for your former clients and ask them to bring their families and friends. Have tons of business cards and flyers handy. This is a great networking strategy.

  • Build Your Credibility

  • Build up your credibility by asking happy clients to leave you reviews and feedback on the platforms you are using such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc. Credibility is everything. 

  • Cold Calling

  • If you are up for the challenge, you can generate new appointments from potential buyers through cold calling. It is all about preparation and delivery. Be confident in your abilities and be enthusiastic in your propositions. Ask for their email and send out new listings with this Real Estate New Listing Flyer Template. Some of them will surely contact you back. 

  • Join a Team

  • It is always better to work with people who are also passionate about what they do. Join a team of listing agents. This is an effective way to generate more leads and more sales.

  • Send Out Newsletter

  • After finding quality leads, do not forget to send out newsletters with this Quarterly Real Estate Newsletter Bundle Templates for email marketing. It remains the most effective way to nurture leads and boost customer loyalty as opposed to social media marketing.


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