7 Tips to Improve Your Client’s Experience as a Realtor®

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It is a known fact that the real estate industry is highly competitive. With the increasing number of agents out there doing their best to win more clients and provide them with their dream homes, you need to step up your game and make a unique selling point.

While good old-fashioned service can work for some customers, impressing your clients with a strategy that is new, more personal, and will truly wow them will set you apart from the competition.

Truth be told, many home buyers are willing to spend more if they are getting a great customer experience.

We are pretty sure you are already a good realtor, but to take your service up a notch, here are next-level, sure-fire tips to improve your client’s experience and turn each buyer into a happy customer.

Develop an excellent process.

While not all processes can lead to a great client experience, a brilliantly-formed one can. Make sure to focus on quality and not quantity. This process must include an automated workflow and a strong value proposition that you and your client could easily follow through. 

You must prepare all the nitty-gritty details up to the fundamentals of buying or selling a home. Lay the cards on the table and make them easy to digest. This way, the components that you need are in one place and well-optimized.

You may also give them a pre-listing checklist

An effective system will surely pay off.

Communicate effectively.

For your clients, selling or purchasing a home is a major life decision. Effective communication does not only involve all the talking but listening well to their needs and wants can really boost your success rate.

Learn the art of communication. In all types of business, it is imperative. A client would never want to work with someone who is too busy to listen or is too pushy.

It also doesn’t mean you just need to stay in your professional tone. Be friendly and make them feel as if they are talking to a very close friend they’ve known for years.

Keep them updated, emphasize transparency, be available at all times for their queries, and always take notes. They must see that you are actively taking notes because it will automatically send them the message that you are truly listening to their needs and considering everything.

Your engaging personality, empathy, and your listening skills are your leverage.

Get to know them or connect with them on a personal level.

While listening to their needs can help you come up with the right service, it is highly essential that you also connect and get to know your clients on a personal level.

After informing your clients about the home buying or selling process, take time to get properly acquainted with them. This buyer’s questionnaire template is a great start.

This is not just significant for the purpose of knowing which house and location to choose for them, but it also builds trust and confidence.

Customers who feel comfortable and become friends with their realtors are the happiest.

Demonstrating that you care about them beyond your scope of work is important for your clients.

Get creative.

When your clients see how passionate you are about what you are doing, they will easily feel safe and comfortable with your ideas, trust your process, and engage in your service.

Use the same passion to think outside the box.

How about bringing the housewarming party to the streets? This way you can invite the neighbors to welcome the buyers and say goodbye to the sellers. This is a perfect plan to build a strong camaraderie.

You may also buy personalized welcoming or closing gifts for your clients or secure them a local membership at the nearest zoo or museum. Put on your creative thinking hat. Doing this will make your client’s experience memorable and unforgettable.

It would be very helpful if you send them a Real Estate Home Buyer Workbook.

Look for opportunities to set you apart from your competitors. 

Be your client’s go-to resource even after closing the purchase.

Your business with them doesn’t have to end once they have purchased the home of their dreams. Just because the deal has been completed, doesn’t mean your buyers will stop searching for real estate needs. Make sure you keep them in your contact and let them know that you are available anytime if they need your service again.

They may refer other family members and friends to you. Continue to make introductions to help simplify their lives such as providing contacts to plumbers, contractors, cleaners, handymen, local insurance agents, CPAs, designers, and local vendors. Your clients will appreciate it if you provide them with an Emergency Services List.

These tips will surely improve your client’s experience and will make you a more successful, most-wanted realtor in your area.


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