Top 8 Checklists to use as a REALTOR

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Top 8 Checklists to Use as a Realtor

Do you want to simplify your business processes and client dealings as a realtor? If yes, then you're at the right place. Here we're going to tell you about the top 8 checklists you should use to make your real estate projects more organized, professional, and efficient.

1. Pre-Listing Checklist


When your client wants to sell their property, they have to carry out some cleaning and decluttering to make the house ready to be listed. Being the realtor, you can make this step seamless for your client with the Pre-listing Checklist. It contains a detailed list of things they need to take care of before listing the property. With a clear list of tasks before them, they'll have a clear vision of exactly what to do.

2. Listing Agent Walk Through Home Checklist


When your client intends to sell or rent out, you have to take a close look at the property before putting up the listing. Relying only on your memory for information is not sufficient. You might forget crucial points about the property while creating the online listing. To avoid a situation like this, use the Listing Agent Walk Through Home Checklist. This detailed template has been designed to keep notes of the properties you visit.

3. House Hunting Checklist


During house hunting, you show your client multiple houses before they finalize one. To make sure the client doesn't forget or get confused about the houses they have visited, offer them the House Hunting Checklist. This real estate template helps your client keep a tab of all the properties they are checking, with detailed notes on each property. When they are done visiting all the properties, they can take a look at these checklists to compare and evaluate which one ticks off their requirements.

4. Lease Termination Inspection Checklist


As a tenant, your client has to make their old rental place clean and tidy before moving. It's a lot of work – deep cleaning, dusting, and restoring the property to how they received it. You can extend a hand of support by providing even with the Lease Termination Inspection Checklist. This template will help them stay organized, and make sure they inspect every part of the property before leaving. After examining, they can figure out if any repairs are needed.

5. Buyers Agent Transaction Checklist


Being a realtor, you deal with multiple clients and multiple transactions. As you enter into an agreement with a buyer, use the Buyers Agent Transaction Checklist to track every transaction from beginning to end. Every small to big task has been listed in this template, and you can even customize it if you want. This checklist especially comes in handy if you're struggling to stay organized.

6. Sellers Agent Transaction Checklist


Working with a client who intends to sell their property calls for another long to-do list. You can track every transaction with the Sellers Agent Transaction Checklist, which includes everything starting from pre-listing, listing, post-listing, until post-closing. The checklist is created with even the smallest detail in mind, and you could even customize it if required.

7. Moving Checklist


Your client has finalized their dream property, and it's time to move. But moving is a tedious process. It involves lots of packing and unpacking, finding a reliable packers and movers company, changing addresses, and whatnot. While you can't really do these tasks on behalf of your client, you can certainly help them stay organized. Give them the Moving Checklist template – it comes with a detailed step-by-step guide on what to do a month before moving, a few days prior to moving, and finally what to do on the day of moving. This checklist will ensure your client doesn't leave out any important tasks, and that the moving process goes on smoothly.

8. Change of Address Checklist


Changing addresses is another big task your client needs to take care of. Buying a property, arranging their belongings, and moving into a new place in itself is a stressful event. During these busy times, you can make their life a little less stressful by offering the Change of Address Checklist. This template includes a list of all the places where they might need to update their address, such as the internet provider, home security company, postal service, customs, and immigration department, employers, schools, banks, and so on.


With these expert-crafted real estate checklists by your side, you have everything right at your fingertips. We're sure your clients will be impressed with your attention to detail and sheer professionalism as you present these checklists before them.


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